British American Tobacco

Survey App

To establish intended goals and to compare results, survey is an important part for any business organization. Surveys help to find out whether a goal has been achieved or not. And to do this work, BAT needed an App which would make survey easier and would show the result more efficiently.   


BAT demanded such app which will sync all data collected by the representatives (with iPad) of BAT with main server when net connectivity is present. Equally, they demanded to sync procedures because multiple iPad needed be used by multiple people while data were taken with pictures & signs (if allowed by users) for the marketing purpose.

Features & suitability

The app we built for BAT has the following features-
1. Application for selective employees
2. Survey facility with registration
3. Syncing facility for the data.
4. Photo of consumers
5. Signature of consumers 

This app is absolutely compatible for any business organisation.