We provide you carefully handpicked & trained talented developers to work on your web & mobile application. We work on enterprise application, big data & cloud technologies. Our most clients are small and medium sized located in The Netherlands, Denmark, UK, Canada and US.

Monthlyfixed price

Saves cost

Lower operational and labor costs are among the primary reasons why companies choose to outsource. By choosing outsourcing, unleash the opportunity to access the world class solutions/capabilities which will lead you to have fastest ROI response. And the service starts from $2000 per hour/month.

Access to skilled resources

Outsourcing also enables companies to tap into and leverage a global knowledge base, having access to world class capabilities thus, ensuring the best output. Many times, stranded with internal resource crunches, many world class enterprises outsource to gain access to resources not available internally.

Increases efficiency

It permits the organizations to share the business risk with a partner company. By delegating responsibilities to external agencies companies can wash their hands-off functions that are difficult to manage and control while still realizing their benefits and allow focus on core organizational functions.


monthly contract

Most of our work is in this model where understanding client need we assign fixed developers.

looking to work on their idea. We can work on making from first MVP to million visitor site. When you need quick and easy solution we can engage juniors with seniors guidance. When you need scalability, we can engage the most seniors for providing the highest output.

wishing to outsource part of their IT team in order to reduce cost and improve market competitiveness. The dedicated team gains domain knowledge in the system and overtime takes ownership of the work to deliver the best output. Generally the team starts small and then grows as we gain more confidence from client.


Project based,
Fixed timeline

If the requirements are well defined – fixed price projects are the best option. Understanding the requirements we can plan the cost necessary and estimate the timeline.

1. Small projects like developing a website or an app with some fixed set of requirements

2. Government or corporate project where it’s allowed to accommodate extra buffer for requirement changes & uncertainty.

High employee retention rate

Due to working on HR very closely and long experience in software & outsourcing, we have been able to keep employee retention rate to be highest. Our employee turnover rate is less than 10%. So, you don’t have to continuously tell new employee about the project!

Honesty & Transparency

Since there is direct communication, we have to ensure 100% honesty & transparency. When we say a developer is 100% dedicated with you, they can’t be engaged in other project, otherwise due to direct communication our client would find out. So, we have to be extremely truthful and transparent here.

Focus on Defined Recruitment & Training process

Over the years we have gained excellence in recruiting and training talented developers. We have executed different activities to attract the most talented people. Then very beautiful and well defined recruitment process ensures hiring the best people. Our training process ensures the knowledge gap between outsourcing need and education system is well covered. And this system is continuously improving.

Direct Communication with Developer

You will have direct communication with developer, there is no bottleneck or missed communication. The team becomes part of your company and family. They take ownership, become happy for successes and work hard for challenging times.

100% Overlapping Hours

We work from 8:30AM to 5:30PM European time, offering 100% overlapping time with Europe. Also, they are just a phone call away for any emergency.

Long years of Experience

We have been doing outsourcing since 2006. Due to high employee retention, we have a lot of very experienced developers, who has vast technical expertise working on different projects in different scale. We have worked on small scale project to large million visitor site as well


Our Developers are Our Strength

When you need scalability, we engage our most experienced developers & programmers for ensuring highest quality.

Microsoft MVPs

Exceptional Community Leaders to serve you.

Microsoft Certified Developers

Each Pillar purchase comes with 6 months support included.

nopCommerce MVPs

Including tons of vibrant, carefully styled componenents.

nopCommerce Certified Developers

Beautiful product pages and unique sidebar cart included.

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