Rehive is the fastest and most affordable way to build, launch and scale any fin-tech applications. Whether one is creating a bill splitting app, savings bot, employee budgeting tool, invoicing solution, cryptocurrency bank, crowdfunding platform, Rehive has got that covered


Client Brief:

Rehive’s platform is a highly customizable business logic layer on top of any existing store of value, whether it is core banking, payment processors, exchanges, blockchains, etc. Rehive handles 60% to 80% of the backend business logic needed for almost any fin-tech application. Rehive can either mirror an existing ledger system to extend business logic, or be completely decoupled from existing user accounts for more flexibility in fulfilling the requirements of a unique use case.

Our Solution:

We are helping Rehive to make it possible for anyone to make the next venmo like applications without having to incur massive expenses and building complex solutions from scratch. Rehive will handle the majority of the backend business logic so that clients can focus on launching the app. In this way, customers have minimum expense and risk with maximum success. Our team works with ownership with Rehive’s team to deliver the best design and development work for the ultimate fin-tech solution.

Rehive Mobile Application (Both iOS & Android)


• Hosted services for special business logic (e.g. Customer Support, Referrals, KYC)
• Integrations with payment processors (e.g. Mastercard, Visa, Stripe),
• Integration with blockchains (e.g. Ethereum, Stellar, Bitcoin) and more.
• Hosted service integration with Rehive’s back office dashboard for ease of use.
• Custom service building for 3rd party provider integration
• Solution extensions for adding more functionality

Why Do Customers Choose Rehive

 Powerful and flexible tools for building end to end fintech products
 Open source projects and SDKs to get you started
 Highly customizable business logic for almost any fintech use case
 Forget about building and managing complex infrastructure
 Robust API for seamless third party integrations
 Do it yourself or do it with us type service

Technology Used

Backend: Django framework, Postgres database
Front end: Angular, Bootstrap 3, HTML 5, CSS3, React – native.
HTML accessibility standard: WCAG 2.0
Accessibility testing tool: NVDA, tota11y
GIT tool used: Github