Plan for the limitless Customization for your business solutions and apps with Us

One Document Management System to make your reporting system easier. Automate your internal process with customized SharePoint integration

Our Services

Transform Business

We transform your business process into a tailored out-of-the-box experience so you never stay behind.

Team Support

Our experienced developers can provide customization at every level to give the boost in your business.

Enhanced Collaboration

Lead you towards an increased team collaboration by providing a consistent experience in your SharePoint

Ownership & Responsibility

Our employees take personal ownership of every project and service issue as a team.


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What More?

Building powerful and impacting solution on top of SharePoint framework. Your business growth rate peaks on top when the enterprise empowered with smart internal and external system to automate the daily comprehensive process. We pioneer the path for to boost your pace on top.

  • Installation & Migration

    Adopt all the features of SharePoint with Customized Workflow, Document Dashboard, Process automation through custom web part, workflow and more.

  • Responsive Theme

    SPPLEX theme is a responsive theme used in SharePoint online and on-premise both environments containing pages to decorate your portal lucratively amazing.

  • Document Management

    Customized reporting and document management assist in reducing the human dependency and decrease the time consumptions.

  • Custom Web Pages & Parts

    Our expert team can help you to automate the small business process through a custom web part. You can contact us for farm or sandboxed solution.

  • SharePoint Add-ins

    SharePoint Add-ins are self-contained extensions of SharePoint websites that you create, and that run without the custom code on the SharePoint server.

  • Workflow

    Your business process cannot automate without workflows and SharePoint Plex is here to customize the flows the way it is less complex making the system less dependent on outer elements.