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One Document Management System to make your reporting system easier. Automate your internal process with customized SharePoint integration.


What We Do?

Installation & Migration

Adopt all the features of SharePoint with Customized Workflow, Document Dashboard, Process automation through custom web part/workflow and much more. We have been serving with SharePoint Installation, Migration & Customization since 2010.

SPPLEX Responsive Theme

SPPLEX theme is a responsive theme used in SharePoint online and on-premise both environments. This theme contains one master page and three web parts. Our web parts will help you to decorate your home page very nicely.

Document Management

Customized reporting and document management assist in reducing the human dependency and decrease the time consumptions. Our team can help you to set-up document repository, custom workflow, retention policies and notification.

Custom Web Part

Our expert team can help you to automate small business process through custom web part. You can contact us for farm or sandboxed solution. Just email us your requirement. Our team will be ready with you product.

SharePoint Add-ins

SharePoint Add-ins are self-contained extensions of SharePoint websites that you create, and that run without custom code on the SharePoint server. Nowadays many organization prefers Add-ins instead of custom solutions.


Your business process can not automate without workflows and SharePointPlex is here to customize your workflows. For any kinds of workflows, feel free to contact us. Our team is always ready to provide you the best solution.

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